The Balanced Blonde Plant-Based Recipe Book & 22 Day Detox Your Life Healing Program by Jordan Younger

The Balanced Blonde Plant-Based Recipe Book & 22 Day Detox Your Life Healing Program

The inspiration for this ebook began with my own health crisis more than two years ago.

In the last two years alone I have suffered from chronic Lyme disease, mycotoxin illness, a variety of tick-borne disease co-infections, hormone imbalances, cystic acne, chronic fatigue, full-body hives, severe gut dysbiosis (think nine months pregnant style bloating), terrible food allergies, loss of motivation to live… all at once. 

Due to my health issues, I was forced to go inward to heal. Through getting sick, I discovered what it means to truly heal. 

I have undergone a complete lifestyle overhaul. And for that, I will be eternally grateful. For that reason, I decided to create this 22-day SOS-Free & Detox Your Life Reset Program.
It is my hope that the tools you learn in this ebook & reset program will inspire you to take yourself on that journey inward and to create new habits and lasting lifestyle changes…for LIFE!

What You Get:

+ A 22-Day SOS-Free & Detoxifying Reset Program

+ Over 50 Exclusive Healthy, Plant-Based, SOS-Free Recipes To Enhance Your Life, Help You Find Food Freedom, And Fall In Love With Your Lifestyle!

+ Self-Care Treatments & Detoxification Techniques to Help You In Your Healing Journey (Think the 101 on Coffee Enemas, Saunas, Lymphatic Drainage, & More) 

+ Food Combining Information & A Handy Food Combining Chart to Refer Back To Whenever You Need It!

+ Detailed Information About the Salt-Oil-Sugar-Free Lifestyle & Who It Is Good For!

+ How To Maintain a Healthy Relationship With Food While Being SOS-Free

+ Exclusive Deep Dive Into My Lyme Healing Journey & My Insights On What Has Helped Most (Supplements, Treatments, & Beyond)

+ A Deep Dive on Spirituality & Food

+ How I Healed My Relationship With Food

+ Help & Support Around Emotional Eating

+ Intermittent Fasting Thoughts & Details

+ Tips For Eating Out On An SOS-Free Diet

+ Guidelines & Tips For This Style Of Eating & Way Of Life

+ Access To A Private Facebook Group Where You Can Join Others Who Are Doing The Reset And Make Like-minded Friends On This Same Journey!

 + A 3-Day Sample Guide to Eating SOS-Free Including Meals, Snacks, Beverages, Times Of Day, Elimination Suggestions, & More!